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All-on-4® Before and After Case Study [and How to Get Results like These!]

We believe strongly in the power of a great smile to change your life, and we have results to prove it!

Today, we’re proud to feature one of our real patients, who has an incredible All-on-4 before and after result.

Meet our All-on-4 REAL patient

At the age of 61, our patient (who wishes to remain anonymous) came to us complaining of loose teeth and an upper partial denture that she hated.

Her teeth were in bad shape. Her gums and bones were diseased, preventing her from eating, smiling, and speaking confidently.

Her quality of life and health was suffering.

To make matters worse, like so many people, she had a history of extreme fear of the dentist that kept her from seeking treatment for many years.

It wasn’t until she heard comments from her young granddaughter about the appearance of her smile that she finally was ready to do something about it.

All-on-4 REAL Patient Case Study Before and After Results

The search begins

She began her search online, seeking a top-notch restorative dentist who could revive her smile.

She found our New Paradigm Dentistry office and decided to meet with Dr. James Burden.

Her dental fear kept her understandably apprehensive, so we took our time.

She met with Dr. Burden…Learn what to expect at a consultation with Dr. Burden… several times, and he listened carefully to her concerns and dreams for her new smile. He presented and explained several options for her to consider.

A decision is made

Dr. Burden explained that with All-on-4 dental implants, her hopeless teeth could be removed and replaced by robust implants, not dentures.

Even better, the whole procedure could be done in a single day…Learn more about same-day dentistry…, not cost a fortune, AND she could be put to sleep and not feel a thing.

That sealed the deal for her, and she was finally ready to move forward with All-on-4 treatment.

An All-on-4 smile transformation

When her treatment day came, she was THRILLED that by the end of the day, she had a brand new smile!

She can eat confidently again, no longer has diseased gums and bones, and loves to show off her smile.

Her experience was so positive that she’s even overcome many of her deeply ingrained dental fears.

We are so incredibly excited for our patient and feel honored to help her on her journey to restored health and confidence.

Can I really get new teeth in just one day?


Your second chance at a perfect smile is easier and faster than you think with All-on-4 dental implants…Opens in a new tab to Nobel Biocare page about All-on-4 implants….

All-on-4 is an innovative, patented technique by Nobel Biocare in which four implants are placed at strategic positions to support a full arch of teeth.

The arch is then secured to the implants on the very same day, allowing you to leave our office with a beautiful new smile.

Just like our lovely patient, you can have the same All-on-4 before and after results in a single day.

How much do All-on-4 implants cost? Can I afford it?

Each patient is unique, so the costs vary depending on many different factors.

Typically, the procedure is in the range of $11,500 – $13,000, with additional fees for surgeons and anesthesiologists.

We understand that costs can be a huge factor and concern for many people looking to restore their smiles.

We work hard to keep you educated, informed, and in control, with flexible payment solutions to fit your budget.

Like any significant investment, most patients elect to break out payments over time.

We offer a variety of payment plans and options, including 0% interest financing, full payment courtesies, and low-interest plans for extended periods.

In addition to our in-house financing, we accept external financing through CareCredit…Opens in new window to CareCredit homepage….

Are All-on-4 implants right for me?

The only way to know for sure is to come in for a consultation with Dr. Burden.

You deserve a healthy, beautiful smile, even if you suffer from dental anxiety. We’d love to show you what’s possible!

We proudly serve Millstone Township, NJ, and surrounding communities in Freehold Township, Hamilton Township, Manalapan Township, Monroe, North Hanover Township, and Jackson.

You can schedule your appointment online …Opens in new tab to external scheduling site…, or contact us directly by one of these convenient methods:

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