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Real patient smile before and after all-on-four dental implants

So you’re looking to restore your smile.

There are multiple tooth-replacement options out there.

You probably know about traditional implants, dentures, bridges, and crowns.

But have you heard of All-On-Four Dental Implants… This text opens a new tab …?

We’re here to tell you all about them.

We’ll explain the difference between All-On-Four and dental implants, the benefits, and more.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is an All-On-Four dental implant?

An All-On-Four dental implant is a full set of implants designed to replace your entire upper or lower set of teeth.

With this type of implant, you’ll receive a complete arch of teeth supported by four optimally placed dental posts.

They prevent future bone loss in the jaw because the implant becomes part of your jawbone, serving as a strong foundation for your new teeth.

The implants permanently stay in your mouth and look just as natural as your real teeth.

What are the benefits of All-On-Four dental implants?

All-On-Four dental implants are becoming increasingly popular. They offer many benefits:

These implants function like natural teeth.

The implant has pressure sensations for biting and chewing and delivers temperature changes between hot and cold.

That means you can enjoy your favorite foods!

All-On-Four implants are more secure than dentures.

They fit permanently in your mouth, unlike dentures.

You won’t have to worry about slippage or other issues.


No messy denture glue!

These implants are hassle-free and easy to maintain. Just practice good oral hygiene and regularly visit your dentist.

You’ll save money in the long run.

You won’t have to buy cleaning and adhesion products.

These implants don’t need to be replaced routinely, unlike traditional dentures.

Additionally, the implants cost less than replacing each tooth individually.

You’ll get your new smile in one day

This treatment is also known as “Teeth In A Day” because you’ll walk out of the office with your gorgeous smile in only one day!

All-On-Four replaces missing teeth, increasing your confidence

The implants help you maintain a more youthful facial structure. They’ll give your lips and cheeks a plumper look and prevent facial sagging.


Your replacement teeth will be tooth-colored. You’ll feel comfortable and will fall in love with your smile.

What’s the difference between All-On-Four and dental implants?

All-On-Four requires fewer implants than traditional dental implants.

The four implants are inserted at angles that make the most of the remnant bone, which minimizes the need for an additional bone grafting procedure.

Additionally, recovery time for All-On-Four dental implants is much shorter.

Traditional dental implants usually have a recovery time of 3 – 4 months.

But with All-On-Four, the recovery process begins immediately after the procedure.

You‘ll get instant stability and you may be able to return to your normal routine in as little as a few days after placing the implants.

Does dental insurance cover All-On-Four dental implants?

It depends on your insurance coverage, but normally, dental insurance will cover a portion of the cost of this procedure.

At New Paradigm Dentistry, we accept most insurance plans.

Ask about CareCredit and our in-office financing plans when you come in for a visit.

Are you considering getting All-On-Four dental implants?

Your dental team at New Paradigm Dentistry is happy to help!

Dr. James Burden has tons of experience working with the All-on-Four procedure and is an AGD Master. This is the Academy of General Dentistry’s… This text opens a new tab … highest honor for lifelong learning. Less than 2% of all US and Canadian Dentists reach this level of dedication to learning and education.

What this means Dr. Burden will do what it takes to ensure your smile functions and lasts for the rest of your life.

Schedule a consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for All-On-Four dental implants.

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