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Overcoming Dental Anxiety – Never Fear The Dentist Again

Do you experience dental anxiety and fear? You CAN overcome it with sedation!

Are you afraid of the dentist? Have you ever put off dental work because of some form of dental anxiety? If so, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 3 out of 4 people have at least some fear of going to the dentist! For millions, their fears extend beyond a nervous stomach or apprehension to make an appointment. Studies show […]

Two Truths and a Lie About Your Millstone Township Dentist

One of our favorite parts of serving Millstone Township dentist patients is getting to know you and your families! We adore our community and truly value being a part of your families’ lives.   Speaking of “getting to know you” – how much do YOU know about Dr. Burden? Whether you’re a new patient or […]

Considering a Smile Design Consultation with Dr. Burden? Here’s What to Expect!

Have you ever considered enhancing your confidence and appearance through smile design? Here at New Paradigm Dentistry, we have helped many patients achieve the smiles of their dreams using personalized smile design treatment plans.   Because every patient’s dental needs and goals are different, it’s vital to sit down and discuss your personal concerns and […]

Is Teeth Whitening Safe? Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Whiten.

We all want a bright, sparkling smile for winter festivities! However, if your teeth are less than lustrous, you might consider teeth whitening in Millstone Township to get your smile photo ready.   Before you choose a teeth whitening solution, there are a few important things you need to know:   First things first: Talk […]

Fluoride and Sealants: They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore

You’re very diligent about brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. You even make sure you see Dr. Burden and Joanne or Trish at least twice a year for your checkup and cleaning! Then one day, Dr. Burden tells you that you have a cavity! How could this happen?   Believe it or not, the CDC […]

8 Reasons to Choose the CLEAR Alternative to Traditional Metal Braces!

Are you dissatisfied with your smile? You may have dreamed of having straight teeth, but perhaps you can’t get past the idea of having the “metal mouth” look. Did you know there’s a CLEAR alternative? Your friends, family members, and coworkers may not even realize you’re having orthodontic work done! Here at New Paradigm Dentistry, […]