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Dentistry Without Drills and Needles? Yes Please!

Just like our patients, we and our families also visit the dentist. So, we understand firsthand the distaste our patients feel about the use of a dental drill or needles for numbing. Since patient comfort is our #1 priority, we are excited to be able to offer an alternative to our patients that means no more drills or needles for certain procedures.

What is Helium Ablation?

Helium ablation is the safe, modern method for removing tooth decay. This very patient-friendly system replaces the dental drill with which we are all familiar. It involves the vaporization of decay by blowing a stream of tiny, aluminum oxide particles onto the tooth surface.

Once the decay is removed it’s followed by use of the GC EQUIA restoration system. This advanced system for tooth color restoration can be placed and cured quickly and the finished product mimics natural tooth material.

Not sure about what we are talking about? Watch this short video prepared by Dr. Burden that shows this treatment in action.

Benefits of Helium Abrasion

  • No pain.
  • No drills.
  • Retains more healthy tooth structure.
  • Faster treatment.
  • No noise, heat or pressure.
  • Great for kids!

Helium abrasion can be used for repairing crowns, bridges, cracks and chips, tooth-colored fillings and also for removing small caries, stains and spots.

Intrigued by helium abrasion and the EQUIA restoration system? Have more questions? We’d love to answer them. Contact our office or call our Millstone Township dentist team for an appointment at 732-414-1888. We look forward to talking to you more about this.


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