Secrets of the Millstone Summer Super-Mom!

Dentist in Millstone Township

  1. Download fun, free dental apps for kids available on the App Store or Google Play:
  1. Play fun tooth games (for all ages), watch videos, and get free downloads at these educational sites:
  1. Keep accidents from ruining your summer plans! If a tooth gets knocked out, retrieve the tooth and rinse it gently with water. Place the tooth in a small sealed container with milk (this helps preserve it) and call us right away at (732) 414-1888!
  2. Make snack time fun and healthy with fresh fruit popsicles. Freeze your kids’ favorite fresh fruits with juice to make healthy snacks for hot summer days
  3. Get outside and PLAY! Pick up the following FUN (and inexpensive) essentials at your local discount store and be READY to fight off the dreaded “I’m booorrreeed….”— sidewalk chalk, water balloons, bubbles, and glow sticks.

Check out for TONS of fun kids’ activities ideas sure to combat summer boredom!   Remember – a super-mom needs a super dentist! Call us at Dentist in Millstone Township (732) 414-1888 to cross some vital things off of your to-do list:

  • Schedule the kids’ cleanings before school starts.
  • Get sports mouth guards for fall sports.
  • Treat yourself to a little pampering with summer teeth whitening!
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