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What’s Holding You Back From Visiting Your Millstone Township Dentist?

Eliminate Dental Health Barriers

We know the idea of booking your next dental hygiene cleaning and checkup might be low on your priority list due to numerous dental health barriers. For example, many people are anxious about visiting the dentist or simply feel they don’t have the time. No matter what has held you back in the past, let us reassure you: Here at New Paradigm Dentistry, we promise to make your needs and comfort our top priority.

You already know why it’s important to visit us every six months – not only can regular dental checkups with Dr. Burden keep your teeth and gums healthy, they can also help you maintain better overall health.

But we’re not going to lecture you on WHY you need to visit. Instead, we’ll address a few of the things that may be holding you back from booking your next appointment.


Full-time work, a long commute, running the kids to soccer practice… our Millstone Township dental patients are BUSY! It can be tough trying to squeeze anything extra into your schedule. We understand! That’s why we offer lunchtime, evening, and weekend appointments. Additionally, because of advanced technology, many treatments that used to require multiple visits can now be completed in just one sitting!


You may be anxious about your dental visit for a variety of reasons. Let us put you at ease! Your concerns are our concerns. We promise to fully explain your options; you are in full control of your choice of treatment. If at any time you’re nervous or uncomfortable in the chair, simply raise your hand, and we will take a break. We even offer sleep dentistry options, so you’ll never even know you were at the dentist!


You know you need to visit every six months, but somehow time slipped away, and it’s been a year…or two…or more. Now you’re worried that when you finally visit, you’ll get the “raised eyebrow” and a lecture. Let us reassure you – we will not lecture you. Our focus on your needs and care is forwards, not backward.


We are a preferred provider for the following insurance companies:

Delta Dental Premier

MetLife PPO

Horizon Traditional/Dental Option Plan

Cigna PPO Radius

Guardian PPO

Aetna PPO

Additionally, we will fully explain the costs associated with your treatment upfront, so there are no mystery charges or surprises later. For more information about payment options and financing, visit our Patient Information page.

It’s the new year and a perfect time to turn over a new leaf for your dental health! No matter what’s held you back from visiting the dentist in the past, let us put you at ease. Book your appointment with New Paradigm Dentistry at 732-414-1888 today!

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