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We're Open!

Your Health and Safety Are Our Top Priorities

As we welcome you back to our office, we want you to feel confident in knowing we’re committed to maintaining a safe environment. We are implementing extra precautions above the standard recommendation to ensure this.

Our office has always followed the highest infection control standards and will continue to monitor the guidelines set forth by CDC, ADA, and OSHA. Their guidelines are instrumental in keeping you and our staff safe as well as preventing the spread of any infection.

We are committed to helping you, our staff, and our community stay safe and healthy. As new guidelines develop, we will continue to evolve our office protocols.

  • Patient Pre Screening (Phone calls to patients 1-2 days prior to a patient’s appointment to review the current CDC screening questions for dental care

  • Masks (Required in the office by both staff and patients)

  • Patient Flow Control (staggered appointment times, modified waiting room seating or in-car waiting if patients prefer, treatment starting near or at appointment time)

  • Patient Screening at Arrival (temperature checks and additional questions regarding their health status when they arrive)

  • Daily Staff Screening – Temperature checks and health status questions at clock in and clock out times.

  • Personal Protection Equipment (for the staff. This includes double mask technique for clinical staff – KN95 plus Level 3 procedural mask, visors, head covering, gloves, fluid resistant surgical gown, scrubs, and surgical shoes)

  • Environmental Controls – Office air scrubbers with H13 HEPA filtration. Chairside aerosol collection units that filter operatory air every 60 seconds using ULPA filter that captures particles over 0.1microns.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want you to feel informed and confident in your healthcare decisions.

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