Dental Implants in Millstone, NJ

You deserve a healthy, beautiful smile that will last.

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Your Second Chance at a Perfect Smile

Can you really get new teeth in just one day?

YES! Introducing the All-on-4® Technique.

Your Millstone, NJ dentists are proud to utilize a technique patented by Nobel Biocare in which four implants are placed at strategic positions and are able to support a full arch.

The arch is then secured to the implants the same day allowing you to walk out of our office with a gorgeous smile, in less time than you ever thought possible.


See our real patient results.
Before and after case using All-on-4 dental implants


Learn what to ask and what to look for when you talk to your dentist about dental implant options.
  • How are traditional dental implant procedures and All-on-4® different from other available teeth replacement options?
  • How much experience do you have in placing different types of dental implants?
  • Is my mouth healthy enough to support All-on-4® or a different kind of implant technique?
  • What steps do you take in order to properly plan my procedure? And what materials will be used during the treatment process?
  • Can you break down all the steps involved from start to finish and explain them in a way I will understand?
  • How much pain is involved on a scale of 1-10? Will I be able to return to work right away after the treatment?
  • What can I do to make sure the implants will be a success? Are there any home-care instructions I should be made aware of?
  • Do you offer varying types of sedation or anesthesia for the treatment?
  • How long is the entire process from start to finish, including any healing time? And how much will the process cost?