Dentistry with No Drills-No Needles

Would you rather have a dentist who drills a big hole in your tooth to get rid of a cavity or have a dentist who removes a cavity with a minimally invasive “no drill – no needle” procedure, preserving your natural healthy tooth structure? It’s an easy answer for anyone.

Experience a new standard of care in dentistry where less is definitely more. At New Paradigm Dentistry, our goals are to enhance your smile and dental health using the latest technology.

“Our practice mission is to provide patients with a lifetime of dental health and beauty. With the correct approach and understanding of dental disease, dental health and beauty are achievable and maintainable for a lifetime. ” – Dr. Jim Burden

Equipped with Top Technology

Our practice doesn’t believe in “drill and fill.” We first spend time finding the root cause of your dental problems with our cutting-edge technology. Then, we develop an individualized plan to correct your dental problems and bring teeth back to their natural beauty and function.

Take our microscopes for example. “The better I can see, the more conservative I can be,” explains Dr. Burden, micro-dentist for Millstone and Central Jersey area patients..

We are well-trained and keep current with our knowledge of Microdentistry, the DIAGNOdent Laser, CariFree technology, ultrasonic therapy, and more.

Relax at the Dentist

Don’t expect our office to look, sound, or even smell like a dental office! Put your mind at ease as you enter our soothing living room-like reception area and receive a friendly greeting by MariBeth, our attentive practice coordinator.

We believe in personalized care! We routinely schedule one patient at a time so you receive our utmost attention. So, relax with a complimentary beverage, surf the web, watch your favorite show, and rest assured your experience at New Paradigm Dentistry is just what you have been looking for.

No insurance? We can help!

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